Sunburst Company Web Design & Development Traverse City, Michigan

Sunburst Company is here to help you achieve an online presence for your business or personal blog. I combine website design & development with photography and image optimization. I also add search engine optimization, resulting in a very powerful website.

I know some websites are so technical they seem to have forgotten about the user friendly side, and we have all experienced the frustration of a poorly designed website. My goal is to provide the powerful website in combination with the user friendly site.

I realize website design is a team effort, and I see us as partners in design. My desire is to make sure you are very happy with your site when it is completed. You will have a desktop, a mobile, and a tablet version. This means your website will be accessible on many devices, which is called a responsive design.

In addition to your website we can add a Facebook link, a newsletter, Google+, or other social media types of partnerships. You make the choice about how much involvement you would like. You may want to create your own account for Domain Names or Website Hosting, or you may want me to take care of all of that for you.

To keep costs lower for all of us, I will meet you at your place of business, or at a public place of our choice. We could meet at a coffee shop, the library, or a nice place nearby.

I like to use GoDaddy as my web host company.  Create an account and let’s start building a web site.