Website Content Development

Website Content Development Traverse City, MI. Sunburst Company

Website content development is a very important part of your website. When you see a web page online you have an instant like or dislike for the way it is loading or displaying.

Website Content Development Includes

  • Images
  • Text
  • Media – Video
  • Photo Galleries
  • And More…

Whether you are using a photograph or graphic design in another file format, you will want to make sure it loads quickly without pixelating. Images may be the first thing your site visitors see. Can you imagine a website without pictures? Selecting the proper images for your website will help to draw your website visitors in, and stay a while.

Your text must always be original, clear, and concise. Studies have proven most people skim over text and typically do not read every word. You will want to choose a web friendly font, not have too many words, or too few. Get right to the main focus point of your website right away.

Your videos will need a high quality without being too heavy for a website. Perhaps you have your own YouTube channel and would like your videos to open up in YouTube. You have several options on how you would like your videos to show on your website.

Your photo galleries will have many options to think of. If you’re a professional photographer show casing your work, you will want to protect your images from being downloaded. Some photographers prefer a watermark, or a no right click code.

There are so many things to consider when building website content and development. Sit down and plan how you would like the content of your website to look. If it all sound over-whelming, let me handle all of those worries for you.