Web Design & Development


Web Design Sunburst Company Traverse City, MI.

Web Design & Development starts with an idea. Whether your website is for business or personal purposes, together we can create a beautiful and powerful website. top search engine rankings, fast loading, engaging, user friendly, and so much more.

While designing a website, I think about the most important factors.

  • Ease of navigation, quick and easy to find where you want to go
  • Responsive to all forms of technology, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
  • Cross browser compatibility, looks great on Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome…
  • Compatible website to coincide with the look of your business, branding
  • Easy functionality, an easy to use website is the best
  • Quick loading

I design beautiful, fast loading websites. The purpose of most websites is to provide information about your business. People are looking for your location, contact information, they want to know about you. Web design & development is about bringing it all together for your Internet presence. People have to be able to find you online now. You may have a million dollar website, but what if it doesn’t rank at all in a search engine? Search engine optimization is the tool required to help the search engines find your website.

If you would like to be involved with the website design & development of your website, I would be happy to work with you. If all of this sounds like a foreign language, then I would happy to design your website for you.